We want someone to join our family.


You will be a collaborator who loves working in a team. You should be creative (whatever that means) and you should like to have fun doing whatever you do (in and out of work). You should want to be part of a family that is growing.


You may be working in an agency as an Account Exec but you want to try to something different. You might be just out of college, you might be a florist… it doesn’t matter to us as long as you’re ready to get stuck in to something new.


You may be lacking in professional experience but you should easily be able to make up for it with a willingness to learn quickly and by giving your all to any task.


We want you for some or all of these things:


Your ideas, your organisation, your listening skills, your talking skills, your drive, your writing, your persistence, your jokes, your adaptability, your conscientiousness, your ability to meet new people, your creativity, you’re attention to detail, your enthusiasm, your ability to make people feel like part of our extended family, your intelligence, your diligence, your party tricks, your helpfulness, your suggestions, your eagerness to be challenged…


You will be:


  • Supporting Tom, our Co-Founder, to win new work and grow our network.


  • Supporting our amazing Account Director, Harriet. We promise you, you will learn a huge amount from her. She is also the life and soul of the business, so you will learn a lot about life and soul.


  • Going out. Lots. To meet new people and make connections.


  • Able to spot the typo in the previous paragraph.


  • Organised enough to keep a spreadsheet in order, keep our CRM up-to-date, make a phone call to check in on a client, or maybe organise the next company social outing.


There are other responsibilities of course, but we can explain them when we meet you.


Who are we?


We are Contented Brothers, and we call ourselves a Creative Content Agency. We make films, immersive media and other things that our clients need to engage or entertain an audience.


If you think you’re right for this role please send us a cover letter and a document which outlines your relevant experience (that could be a CV but doesn’t have to be). In the cover letter please include a short anecdote from your life (personal or professional) which demonstrates that you have at least a third of the traits we’re looking for covered.

Email: jobs@contentedbrothers.com