Asmodee approached Contented Brothers to develop the creative strategy and video content for the award winning board game, ‘Ticket To Ride’ marketing campaign.

The campaign, dubbed “The Year of the Train”, focuses on the character of ‘Max’ as she steps out of the Ticket to Ride board game and into a real-life rail adventure, travelling to some of Europe’s most iconic cities’ featured in the physical board game. The audience follow her on a journey, going ‘beyond the guidebook’ seeking out interesting people to play game of Ticket to Ride with, in unique locations off the beaten path.

We supported Asmodee’s campaign by developing the creative and delivery strategy, including planning the audio/visual output, scripting, casting and production. We facilitated Max’s journey across Europe, sourcing stunning locations and arranging interesting people in each city for Max to meet and play a game of Ticket to Ride with. We created a short teaser introduction film to the campaign, followed by a hero film including four edits in three languages, and four city location films, documenting Max’s adventures in Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and London.

Campaign Results:

  • 270,000+ visitors to the Ticket to Ride with Max website (70% of which were new users)
  • 100,000+ registrations to the Ticket to Ride network
  • 800+ followers on Facebook since launching in October '17
  • 23,000+ views on the dedicated YouTube channel

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