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Start the day with play

We have a motto at Contented Brothers - everything we do should be fun or rewarding but preferably both. It permeates every aspect of how we work - from prioritising projects, to managing our team and client relationships, to planning events and more. This has led us to investigate aspects of play within the workplace.

Play runs as a vein through much of our work and how we create it. We believe that if you can introduce elements of playfulness into the everyday, you can make your life, both personal and professional, more fun and rewarding. The importance of play for childhood social and cognitive development has long been acknowledged and encouraged but why not for us adults and particularly why not at work?

In the article below, discover how the use of techniques based on the principles of play that are proven to transform the way people work, interact and create.

A Brave New World of Recruitment

Employment is changing. Especially within the fast-paced graduate market.

With 1 in 4 graduates quitting their first job within a year and the average graduate staying in this role for just 18 months, it’s clear that the nature of recruitment and retention needs to change.

Over our eight years, we have worked on a broad range of employee engagement campaigns, using moving image and film and most recently using immersive media such as VR. Last year we launched our own assessment platform which seeks to address the graduate market and piloted it with L'Oréal.

Join us as we share our insights into what matters to the candidate of today and explore how brands are reinvigorating their recruitment and retention strategies with a little help from new, immersive technologies such as AR, VR and AI which are shaping the way we find, recruit and keep the best talent.