As part of L’Oréal (UK) Limited’s ongoing strategy to create a fully digital and immersive recruitment tool kit, L’Oréal selected Contented Brother’s proprietary assessment platform to incorporate into their assessment process for their competitive graduate scheme.

The assessment platform was developed with the intention to immerse users into a hyper-real 360 environment within the L’Oréal UK headquarters. The user is taken on a tour by their virtual host, where they drop in on a meeting. The user is asked to participate in the meeting, making selections which provide L’Oréal with insight about the candidate’s strengths, values and personality

L’Oréal’s inaugural trial of the technology is currently live, with the first round of results due in March. This initiative is just the latest example of L’Oréal’s sector-leading approach to incorporating innovative technology to further improve its cutting-edge recruitment process.


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