Creative Content Agency, Contented Brothers, delivered the “Year of the Train” campaign for leading international games publisher and distributor, Asmodee, documenting a European tour of gaming & adventure, with content launching at the International Games Fair, SPIEL'17, in Essen.

Specialising in branded content and immersive media, Contented Brothers are pleased to announce their work for Asmodee, delivering an integrated campaign, distributed across social and digital platforms.  

The campaign is for Asmodee’s award winning game, Ticket to Ride Europe, the cross-country train adventure from Days of Wonder. Asmodee’s investment in direct-to-consumer marketing is designed to engage new audiences, reach new demographics and showcase the fun of boardgames in the mainstream.

Contented Brothers developed the creative and delivery strategy in partnership with Asmodee, including planning of the audio/visual output, scripting, casting and production.

Dubbed, “The Year of the Train”, the campaign focuses on the character of ‘Max’ as she steps out of the Ticket to Ride board game and into a real-life rail adventure, including some of Europe’s most iconic cities’ featured in the physical board game. We follow her on a journey to seek out the most interesting people to chat with over a game of Ticket to Ride, in unique locations off the beaten path.

Contented Brothers facilitated Max’s journey across Europe, finding stunning locations and arranging interesting people in each city for Max to meet and play a game of Ticket to Ride with.

First stop, Paris where Max stopped at Marche Des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market in the city. L’Aerosol, Paris’ new trendy spot for street art lovers. The adventure continued into Frankfurt, Germany to the Drachenfelsbahn, a railway system built in 1882 which takes in the local tourist attraction of Dragons Rock. Max then ventured onward to Copenhagen to Warpigs brewpub where she sampled the cities most unusual brews before attending the Danish Board Game Awards.

Returning to London for the final leg of her journey aboard Belmond British Pullman Trains followed by a game or two at the Draughts Board Game Café in Hackney, London with top stand-up comedians Josh Howie and Mark Dolan.

Max’s adventure will be broadcast for the first time at the Essen Games fair on 26th October, which will see Asmodee’s digital and physical channels follow Max as she goes beyond the guidebook and meets the people and places that make these cities so special.

Check out the introduction to Max’s real-world adventure here.

Tom Hall, Managing Director, Contented Brothers said, “We were thrilled to be appointed as the creative strategy and production company for “The Year of the Train” campaign. We worked closely with the Asmodee Global Marketing team on the messaging and content of the short films to really convey the excitement and fun of travelling with Max.”

Adam McGowan, Senior Marketing Manager, Asmodee said, “Ticket to Ride is a huge brand in board games, loved by players of all ages from around the world. With this campaign, we’re looking to share the wanderlust and inclusive gameplay with our most comprehensive campaign to-date. The campaign is not only designed to reach new audiences, but to allow long-time fans to celebrate something truly wonderful and unique.”

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