Ok so, all of a sudden it’s that time of the year again. It’s crept up on us, and I'm not channeling Joyce Byers levels of fairy light enthusiasm just yet… However - I am thrilled to hear that the smash Netflix series, Stranger Things, has been commissioned for a third series! I can’t wait to see how the plot-line progresses and how characters develop from adorable pre-teens to awkward teenagers.

Similarly, we’re very excited about our growing team here at Contented Brothers. Many businesses have a tipping point when it comes to growth, and ours is eleven. Our Executive Creative Director (& Brother) Birdie, attended an Agency Collective talk with the team at FizzPopBang, who highlighted the differences between a company up to 11 staff, and for those with 11 and over. For 11 under, the ‘team spirit’ unites the employees, however when a company grows to 11 and beyond, the environment begins to become an increasingly important factor in uniting the team.


The power of Eleven

At eleven people, we realised that the team went from good, to better. Sadly, we no longer fit around one table in our daily breakfast huddles, but the team are able to focus on what they specialise in, as opposed to wearing multiple ‘hats’ and spinning too many proverbial plates. It’s also incredible having such a varied spectrum of expertise under one roof, feeding the team with creativity and positive energy. We like to think of this shift as Before Eleven (BE) and After Eleven (AE).

It’s no coincidence that eleven is a magic number, for us and for Stranger Things, we’re only just discovering our magic powers, much like our favourite psychokinetic teen, El.


New to the gang

The two newest additions to the Contented Brothers family, bringing the team number up to Eleven are Chris, Business Development Manager and Gabby, Graphic Designer.

Chris brings a considered, thoughtful approach to our growth and our clients needs. He’s big into gadgets and can often be found in the Contented Brothers VR Basement. Chris’s other passions include building relationships and building bikes, and Birdie finally has a challenger for his record of ‘most coffee consumed in the morning’.

Gabby has previously designed for MTV, O2 and Vodafone, focusing on brand, product, web and marketing design, including mobile app services. Away from the office, Gabby will be enjoying a Walking Dead marathon, or making a mess in the kitchen whilst baking up some treats. In a company full of aspiring chefs, she may face some competition for her mean Black Forest Gateau. Contented Brothers... You’re all about to put on a stone.

With the Contented Brothers offices now a hive of activity with either discovr sessions taking place in the VR basement, or Stranger Things lunchtime viewings in the Classroom, we’re enjoying our pre-teen size, before the riotous teenage phase kicks in… watch this space.


"Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world."

-Jonathan Byers