At Contented Brothers, we want to understand what makes our team, clients and partners tick. The Path to Contentment is designed around our values, allowing us learn more about the people who matter to us. 

Leading the tribe in her usual fashion, Alex Bennett, Graduate Talent Manager at L’Oréal UKI took part in our first Path to Contentment interview:

What does contentment mean to you?

A good cheese board! That is the first thing that popped into my head, the serious work answer is ‘a job well done’.

If you could start a business with a sibling (doesn’t have to be an actual sibling) who would it be and what business would you start? work with them?

It would actually be with my brothers. One is creative, entrepreneurial and an out of the box thinker, the other is logical, proactive and a crazy fast learner (I hope they don't read this, it will inflate their egos too much!) I am the practical, hard worker with a bit of innovation thrown in. And thankfully we all get on.

What do you find rewarding about your job?

Seeing the progression of students that we hire on to our Intern programmes from nervous 'first dayers', to confident, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals who secure a place on our Grad Scheme, and ultimately a long term career at L'Oréal.

What makes your day fun?

My team!! Brilliant humans, and friends. And the variety in my role.

What traits do you like and admire in a commercial partner?

Creative ideas, experts in their field, proactivity, awesome people :)

Describe a challenge facing your industry at the moment?

Being a popular Graduate Employer of choice we are lucky as lots of students apply to our Internships and Grad Scheme. However a big challenge for us is how to manage the volume in a personal, efficient, and informative way so that candidates feel valued and respected throughout the process, and don’t get that ‘in the dark’ feeling.

Make a prediction for the future of your industry

DIGITAL!!! This is something that is already reforming the way the Beauty industry works, and is also having a major impact on our recruitment processes.

One of our values at Contented Brothers is to be always learning - can you give a fact that we might not know?

At the moment it is Diversity and Inclusion week at L’Oréal, so lots of inspiring talks, trainings and development sessions are taking place. Yesterday I watched a talk on Inclusion, and learnt this interesting gender balance fact: “In the FTSE 100 CEOs, there are more men called David then there are women”.



More about Alex:

Alex joined the L’Oréal group in 2011 working within the Graduate Recruitment space. After a short spell outside of the Company at the BBC in 2014, Alex returned to L'Oreal as an Officer within the HR Retail team working with the Beauty Consultants and field teams. For the last two years, Alex has returned to the world of Emerging Talent as the Graduate Talent Manager of L’Oréal UKI, bringing a wealth of knowledge of the graduate arena, an expertise in assessing graduate talent and the passion to drive a creative programme of activities with a social and digital steer. Alongside China, the US and France, the UK is one of L’Oréal’s largest subsidiaries and so Alex works extensively on emerging tech strategies to enhance candidates’ and Management Trainees’ experience and development which have a global benefit to the group.

Contented Brothers worked with L’Oréal UKI to design a VR Recruitment Experience designed to test L’Oréal graduate candidates’ response to the workplace and culture, providing L’Oréal with insights into their strengths, values and personality.