Join us for our inaugural #ContentedConversations breakfast session, Start the day with play, taking place on Wednesday 26th September.

We have a motto at Contented Brothers - everything we do should be fun or rewarding but preferably both. It permeates every aspect of how we work - from prioritising projects, to managing our team and client relationships, to planning events and more. This has led us to investigate aspects of play in the workplace. 

Play runs as a vein through much of our work and how we create it. We believe that if you can introduce elements of playfulness into the everyday, you can make your life, both personal and professional, more fun and rewarding. The importance of play for childhood social and cognitive development has long been acknowledged and encouraged but why not for us adults and particularly why not at work?

Start the day with play explores how the best businesses use play and games to transition from different mindsets, inject creativity and improve collaboration into every aspect of our working day. 

Join us for a coffee and breakfast overlooking Soho Square for a fun and interactive morning session, which will uncover how play is the secret weapon businesses need in order to overcome serious business challenges.

Hear from our expert speakers how they use techniques based on the principles of play to transform the way people work, interact and create.


Tom Hall, Owner & Managing Director, Contented Brothers

Suki Bassi, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Maven

Jonathan Bannister, Founder and Strategist, Make Happy


Find us at the MeWe360 Georgian townhouse, set in one of London’s most prestigious and historic squares, Soho Square.


Nearest Underground Stations: Tottenham Court Road / Leicester Square


8.30 - 10.30am, Wednesday 26th September

*Breakfast & refreshments provided*


Book your tickets on Eventbrite HERE using the password ‘ContentedGuest’