We have a motto at Contented Brothers - everything we do should be fun or rewarding and preferably both. It permeates every aspect of how we work - from prioritising projects, to working with clients, partners and each other. Having worked with board game publishers Asmodee on various projects, including the award-winning Ticket to Ride campaign, we fell even further in love with the world of play and games.

One of our favourite Asmodee games is Pandemic. It's a fast-moving, cooperative game in which the players have to find cures to a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe. The fate of humanity is in your hands. It's rare in that the game inspires (or rather forces) collaboration between the players - it's us against the board not us against each other. 

Combining our passion for play and creating fun, engaging content we decided to produce a fan-fiction film in tribute to Pandemic in collaboration with Asmodee and using influencers from the gaming sphere.

We transformed our basement in Farringdon into a science fiction style research bunker, inspired by the YouTube challenges, escape room experiences and the resurgence of popular game shows such as The Crystal Maze, alongside the uniquely immersive nature of board-gaming.

Our gaming enthusiast influencers were invited to our location with only the knowledge that they would be embarking on a secret mission to ‘Save Humanity’.

Watch as Hannah Rutherford, Matthew Meredith and Mark Hulmes, attempt to discover a cure for each disease against the clock using the clues in the bunker. Replicating the cooperative nature of the real board game, the players win or lose together. Only by working together can they keep the outbreaks in check and find the cures in time!

Watch the full ‘escape room’ films unfold from YouTube gaming influencers, Tabletop Weekly and Caffcast here.

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